The Philadelphia Celebrity 
Impersonators Convention

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Who We Are

The first annual Philadelphia/mid-Atlantic region celebrity impersonators convention will be more of an organizational networking meeting.

All conventions start with a small beginning.

In addition to the planning, there will be networking.

Agents have been invited as well as photographers, film makers and writers.

Bring your press kit or, if you're just starting in this business, bring your notepad!

Admission is $15.00 for two people.

The admission also permits you to see the films being shown at the festival - hey!  As long as your in town, might as well enjoy the festival!

Why Us?

This can be more than just business.  You can make new friends, reconnect with old ones or, just get a better understanding of the business/industry itself.  There's more to being a celebrity impersonator than just standing around looking pretty.  I know.  I've been there (TV, movies + more!).

                 Stewart Brodian